1. Products Production

(1) Will the environment be polluted during the production of these products?

In the manufacturing of animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals, the manufacture of such products will not pollute the environment. In the process of coloring, the pigments used are also tested for environmental protection. Although the production of raw materials used has certain pollution to the environment, but All are within the scope of environmental permits, and the materials we use have corresponding quality inspection certificates.

(2) Can all the client's vision be realized?

As long as it conforms to the technological process of the industry, without changing the basic properties of the product, we can meet all the requirements of the customer, such as the customer's vision of the product shape and changes in color, including the sound of the product, the control method , the choice of actions, and some other aspects can be changed.

(3) Will the appearance of the product involve issues such as infringement?

We have always attached great importance to copyright protection. The company can manufacture products of any appearance, including movies, TV series, animations, animations, various images in video games, and images of various monsters, but we must have the authorization of the copyright owner before we can make them. We often work with large-scale games. The company cooperates to make some very distinctive characters.

(4) How to solve the problems encountered in the production process of the product?

In many years of industry experience, customers will suddenly want to make changes to some parts of the product during the production process. In this case, as long as the overall structure of the product is not damaged, we can make changes for free. Corresponding adjustment, if the overall steel frame structure is involved, we will charge the corresponding fee according to the raw material usage of the product.

2. Product Quality

(1) What level of product quality can be achieved in the same industry?

In the manufacturing of animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals, although our company has only been established for a few years, the backbone members of the company are all people who have been engaged in this industry for decades. In terms of technological process, their attitude is very strict and meticulous, and the products produced are The quality of our products is highly guaranteed, especially in terms of details. Our company's craftsmanship ranks among the top 5 in the entire industry.

(2) How about the safety of the product itself?

All kinds of raw materials used in our company's products have inspection certificates. In terms of fire protection, we can also replace ordinary sponges with fireproof sponges according to customer requirements to meet indoor fire protection standards. The pigments and silica gel used in the products also have special product inspection certificates, which are in line with CE certification.

(3) How long is the company's product warranty?

In the simulation dinosaur manufacturing industry, the warranty period of simulation products is generally one year. , the manufacturer will still provide various maintenance services for customers, but will charge corresponding fees.

(4) Is the installation of the product complicated?

The price of our company's products does not include installation costs. General products do not need to be installed. Only very large products that need to be disassembled and transported will be involved in installation, but we will record the product in the factory in advance. The video tutorial of disassembly and installation, the required repair materials will be sent to the customer along with the product, and the installation can be done according to the tutorial. If you need our workers to come over to install, please inform the sales staff in advance.

3. Our Company

(1) How many people in the company are responsible for designing and launching new products?

The company has an art designer who is responsible for the composition at the art level, a mechanical designer who is responsible for designing the steel frame structure according to the art composition, a sculptor who shapes the appearance, who is responsible for making the appearance of the product, and a person who paints the color, who is responsible for Paint the color on the design drawing on the product with various paints. Each product will be used by more than 10 people.

(2) Can customers come to the factory for on-site inspection?

Our company welcomes all customers to visit the factory. The company's production process and production process can be shown to all customers. Because it is a hand-made product, to make the product well, it needs accumulated experience and rigorous craftsmanship spirit. , and there is no special process that requires confidentiality. It is an honor for us that customers come to our factory for inspection.

4. Product application

(1) In what scenarios is this animatronic dinosaur product suitable for?

This kind of animatronic dinosaur products is suitable for being arranged in dinosaur-themed parks, as well as some medium and large shopping malls. The effect of attracting people is very good, and children will like these products very much.

(2) Where are animatronic animal products suitable for?

animatronic animal products can be placed in parks themed with animatronic animals, in popular science museums, or in indoor shopping malls, which are of great help to children in understanding various animals, and are also a way to attract the attention of passers-by. Powerful good stuff.

5. Product Price

(1) How is the price of the product determined?

The price of each product is different, and sometimes even products of the same size and shape will have different prices. Because our company's products are hand-made customized products, the price will be determined according to its size, the total amount of raw materials required, and the fineness of details, such as the same size and the same shape, if the requirements for details are not very high, then The price will also be relatively cheap. In short, there is an old saying in China called "you get what you pay for". If our price is higher, then our product quality will definitely be higher.

(2) How is the shipping of the product done?

After the production of our company's products is completed, we will contact the logistics company to prepare a truck of the corresponding size and send it to the port. Generally speaking, it is by sea, because the price of sea transportation is the cheapest, and our product quotation does not include freight. Yes, so we will recommend the most cost-effective transportation method to customers. If you are in Asia, the Middle East or Europe, you can choose railway, which is faster than sea, but the cost will be more expensive.

6. After-sale Service

(1) How about the after-sales guarantee of the product?

Since its opening, the company has attached great importance to the after-sales service of the products, because the products themselves belong to mechanical products. As long as they are mechanical and electronic products, there must be a probability of failure. Although the company is rigorous and serious during the production of products, it does not rule out the use of There will be problems with other imported parts, so we have set up a professional after-sales team to deal with various problems that may be encountered and solve them as soon as possible.

(2) What are the detailed steps for product after-sales?

First we will have a dialogue with the customer to understand the problem of the product, and then communicate with the corresponding person in charge. The technical staff will guide the customer to troubleshoot by themselves. If the fault still cannot be repaired, then we will recall the control box of the product for maintenance. If the customer is In other countries, we will send replacement parts to the customer. If the above measures cannot eliminate the fault, then we will send technicians to the customer's location for maintenance. During the warranty period, all expenses shall be borne by the company.