Amusement park Animatronic Dinosaur Products (AD-26-30)

  • Model: AD-26, AD-27, AD-28, AD-29, AD-30
  • Color: Any color is available
  • Size: Real life size or customized size
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union.
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set.
  • Lead time: 20-45 days or depends on order quantity after payment.
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    Sound: Dinosaur roaring and breathing sounds.

    Movements: 1. Mouth open and close synchronize with sound. 2. Eyes blinking. 3. Neck moves up and down. 4. Head moves left to right. 5. Forelimbs move. 6. Belly breathing. 7. Tail sway. 8. Front body up and down. 9. Smoke spray. 10. Wings flap.(Decide which movements to use according to the size of the product.)

    Control Mode: Infrared Sensor, Remote control, Automatic, Token coin operated, Button, Touch sensing, Customized etc.

    Certificate: CE, SGS

    Usage: Attraction and promotion. (amusement park, theme park, museum, playground, city plaza, shopping mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.)

    Power: 110/220V, AC, 200-2000W.

    Plug: Euro plug, British Standard/SAA/C-UL. (depends on standard of your country).


    Production flow chart

    1. Control box: Independently developed fourth-generation control box.
    2. Mechanical Frame: Stainless steel and brushless motors have been used to make dinosaurs for many years. Each dinosaur's mechanical frame will be continuously and operationally tested for a minimum of 24 hours before the modelling process begins.
    3. Modelling: High density foam ensures the model looks and feels of the highest quality.
    4. Carving: Professional carving masters have more than 10 years of experience. They create the perfect dinosaur body proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeletons and scientific data. Show your visitors what the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods really looked like!
    5. Painting: Painting master can paint dinosaurs according to customer's requirement. Please provide any design
    6. Final Testing: Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping.
    7. Packing : Bubble bags protect dinosaurs from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each dinosaur will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.
    8. Shipping: Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and international multimodal transport.
    9. On-site Installation: We will send engineers to customer's place to install dinosaurs.


    D-Rex(AD-26) Overview: D-Rex, Latin for "Rage King". It's a fictional hybrid predator from the movie " Jurassic World" . Because people want to see bigger and more ferocious dinosaurs, they are made in the movie. D-Rex has the genes of ten animals such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Squid, Tree Frog, Viper, etc. It is fierce and cunning, and its shape is very shocking. But because it lives in a closed environment by nature, it has no idea of its place in the biosphere. D-Rex is not a real dinosaur in nature, but the embodiment of people's art and imagination. 

    Aliwalia(AD-27) Overview: Aliwalia is a vegetarian dinosaur belonging to the sauropods, sauropods, and prosauropods. Mainly lived in the northern part of the Ariva region of South Africa in the late Triassic. Aliwalia is a large dinosaur, typically 10-12 meters long, with an estimated weight of 1.5 tons.The size of the femur led many palaeontologists to believe (along with the clearly carnivorous maxilla), that Aliwalia was a carnivorous dinosaur of remarkable size for the age in which lived. It would have been comparable to that of the large Jurassic and Cretaceous theropods.

    T-Rex Head(AD-28) Overview: Since it was first described in 1905, T. rex has become the most widely recognized dinosaur species in popular culture. It is the only dinosaur that is commonly known to the general public by its full scientific name (binomial name) and the scientific abbreviation T. rex has also come into wide usage.When Tyrannosaurus rex first appeared in the movie, they were portrayed as the largest and most ferocious carnivore ever to appear on the surface. In many early films, Tyrannosaurus rex was often mistakenly implanted with three fingers, similar to Allosaurus. 

    Allosaurus(AD-29) Overview: Allosaurus is a genus of large carnosaurian theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 145 million years ago during the Late Jurassic epoch. The name "Allosaurus" means "different lizard" alluding to its unique (at the time of its discovery) concave vertebrae. As one of the first well-known theropod dinosaurs, it has long attracted attention outside of paleontological circles.Allosaurus was a large bipedal predator. As the most abundant large predator in the Morrison Formation, Allosaurus was at the top of the food chain, probably preying on contemporaneous large herbivorous dinosaurs, and perhaps other predators. 

    Spinosaurus(AD-30) Overview: Spinosaurus is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaur that lived in what now is North Africa during the Cenomanian to upper Turonian stages of the Late Cretaceous period, about 99 to 93.5 million years ago.Spinosaurus is the largest of all known terrestrial carnivores; other large carnivores comparable to Spinosaurus include theropods such as Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus, it was between 12.6 to 18 meters (41 to 59 ft) in length and 7 to 20.9 metric tons (7.7 to 23.0 short tons) in weight. 

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