Animatronic Dinosaur Models Of Various Sizes Are Being Loaded into the Container

Animatronic dinosaur models of various sizes are being loaded to the container and sent to the United States. This batch of simulation dinosaurs adopts the method of container to factory loading. Generally speaking, the export transportation of simulation models is mainly divided into FCL and LCL transportation. Among them, the FCL includes two forms of container loading at the factory and container loading at the port. Factory loading refers to the loading of containers to the factory. This is also the way our factory adopts more at present, because the simulation model is made of sponge silicone material, and its specifications and shapes are different. It is more compact and saves the space of the container for customers; on the contrary, loading containers at the port is the opposite, because the port loading workers do not know the material of the product, and do not know where the product can bear the load, which may damage the product, and the loading is not so compact.

Click the link below for a video of the animatronic dinosaur loading.


As shown in the picture above, due to the heavy weight of the dinosaurs, the loading is carried out by crane. After the products arrive at the customer site, they also need to be unloaded by cranes or forklifts. Pay attention to the position of the sling.

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Post time: Sep-28-2022