Jurassic Park dinosaur hot sale animatronic dinosaur equipment simulation dino model

Entering the gate, I saw a big dinosaur T-Rex with its mouth wide open, and felt like it was going to eat me. A closer look showed that it was fake. The skin was soft, like a sponge. It was brushed with silicone, and then painted with a complete large simulated dinosaur model, which was quite textured. My friend said that it was too realistic. Yes, this is the animatronic dinosaur product made by Zigong Blue Lizard. Their core competitiveness lies in high simulation and perfect detail processing. No matter skin texture, hair, eyes and claws, they are very lifelike. They perfectly shaped all kinds of dinosaurs in the ancient dinosaur era, which is really amazing. These products are suitable for museums, dinosaur parks, theme parks, large shopping malls, and city parks, and are popular with customers at home and abroad. Their service is also excellent, very patient and well recognized by customers .

Zigong Blue Lizard, as a reliable expert in the simulation dinosaurs and animals, you won’t miss it.

Post time: Dec-06-2022