New Products Hign Quality Animatronic Animal Bird Feathered Model Released

With the increasingly fierce market competition, all kinds of simulated dinosaur parks, dinosaur theme parks, dinosaur-themed children's parks, etc. have appeared all over the world. So how do customers reflect their core competitiveness in the global market competition of animatronic model products?

Dinosaurs lived in ancient times, and different kinds of dinosaur fossils have been found in many places. People's enthusiasm for dinosaurs comes from curiosity about the ancient dinosaur ages, and animal products can be seen in realistic zoos. However, the animals in the traditional zoo can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be seen up close, and our animatronic animals are different. We can observe the physical characteristics of the close-up, and we can take pictures with them. And another advantage of the animatronic animal park is that it does not need to spend a lot of time, labor, food and other costs. Just power-on and remember to turn it on and off every day. This saves a lot of costs for investors.

Therefore, our company has increased investment in the field of animatronic animal models, and intensified supervision and review in the production of animal series products, striving to restore the original appearance of animals, making movements smoother, appearances more vivid, and expressions more realistic. This enables our company to occupy a certain advantage in the industry competition.

Recently, our company has released a batch of very vivid and realistic bird models, including red-crowned cranes, vultures, black-necked cranes, oriental white cranes, crested ibises, Chinese dune ducks, etc. They are all covered with beautiful feathers, in natural colors and life sizes. Different, beautiful posture, realistic appearance, looks exactly the same as the real one, very realistic.


东方白鹤 6

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Post time: Jun-10-2022