The Material Of Animatronic Dinosaur Models


What material is used to make the skin of the animatronic dinosaur (what are the advantages and disadvantages)

The skin of the simulated dinosaur looks so realistic and feels full of texture, so what material is used to make the skin of the simulated dinosaur? In fact, the answer is very simple, the material is glass glue. 

What material is used to make the skin of the simulated dinosaur.


Glass glue is a kind of silicone rubber. The scientific name of glass glue is silicone sealant, and the main component is silicon.  silicone rubber is soft and elastic, and it can be used to make the skin of a simulated dinosaur to adapt to various movements of a simulated dinosaur. Generally, B-type silicone is used to make the simulated dinosaur skin, which has good tensile property and will not crack when the simulated dinosaur moves.

The main performance characteristics of glass glue are as follows: sealing and waterproof; Beautify the gap; Connect two materials with different shrinkage coefficients to prevent cracking.

Glass glue is a material that can bond and seal various glasses with other substrates.

It is mainly divided into two categories: silicone rubber and polyurethane adhesive (PU). Silicone rubber is divided into acid glue, neutral glue and structural glue. Polyurethane adhesive is divided into adhesive and sealant.

What are the advantages and characteristics of glass glue as the skin of dinosaur model.

Triceratops head

1.Glass glue has excellent weather resistance such as ozone resistance and ultraviolet resistance, giving it a long service life.

2.Adhesion and joint sealing between most materials of metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass and coated glass.

3.Joint sealing of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum and painted aluminum surfaces. Primer is not required in most cases.

4.The glass glue has strong adhesion, large tensile strength, weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance and great adaptation to changes in temperature and heat.

5.In addition, the glass glue will not flow due to its own weight, and can be applied to the joints of roof or side wall without sinking, collapse or flowing away.

At the same time, in order to increase the tensile strength and service life of the simulated dinosaur skin. We add elastic fiber to the glass glue, which improves the service life of the simulated dinosaur skin while ensuring its elasticity.

Post time: Dec-30-2022