Busy September at the China Animatronic Dinosaur Factory

Despite the repeated domestic epidemics, domestic orders have been affected to a certain extent. However, the foreign orders of our company's animatronic dinosaur models have shown steady growth.

It can be seen that our factory is producing all kinds of large and small simulation dinosaur models, including steel frame, covering sponge, sticking fiber, brushing glue, coloring, and some finished products without complete details.  These realistic dinosaur animal models fill the production workshop.

These products are mainly used in large-scale dinosaur exhibitions abroad. Animatronic dinosaurs are suitable for various attractions and promotional activities, such as dinosaur parks, theme parks, city squares, shopping malls, museums, zoos and other indoor/outdoor places. High-quality materials can effectively play the role of sunscreen, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and so on. All material and accessories suppliers are inspected by our purchasing department. They all have corresponding certificates and meet excellent environmental standards.

Wide range of favorite groups

At any age, the love for”dinosaurs" is beyond words, and these huge”monsters" can

become " cute pets" in children's minds.

The interactive and immersive experience with animatronic dinosaurs can greatly increase children's happiness. Adults are also curious, animatronic dinosaurs can move the Jurassic from imagination to reality, and let the movie go from the screen to the eyes.


Animatronic flying dinosaur Pterosaur

Relationship between other reptiles and dinosaurs

Many prehistoric reptiles are often informally identified as dinosaurs by the general public, such as: Pterosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurus, Ichthyosaurs, Pelycosaurs (Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus), etc., but from a rigorous scientific point of view These are not dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are also mistaken for the ancestors of lizards and crocodiles, but in fact, dinosaurs and crocodiles evolved in parallel, and have little to do with lizards. On the contrary, modern birds can be regarded as real dinosaurs in science. 

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Post time: Sep-09-2022