Animatronic Avatar Series Animated Monster With Movements

  • Model: CP-23, CP-24, CP-25, CP-26, CP-27
  • Color: Any color is available
  • Size: Customized size
  • Payment: Credit Card, L/C, T/T, Western Union.
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set.
  • Lead time: 20-45 days or depends on order quantity after payment.
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    Sound: Dinosaur, monsters, animals sounds.

    Movements: 1. Mouth open and close synchronize with sound. 2. Eyes blink. 3. Neck up and down-left to right. 4. Head up and down-left to right.5. Forelimbs move. 6. Chest raises / falls to mimic breathing. 7. Tail sway. 8. Front body up and down-left to right. 9. Water spray.10. Smoke spray. 11. Wings flap. 12. Tongue moves in and out.(Decide which actions to use according to the size of the product.)

    Control Mode: Infrared Sensor, Remote control, Automatic, Token coin operated, Button, Touch sensing, Customized etc.

    Certificate: CE, SGS

    Usage: Attraction and promotion. (amusement park, theme park, museum, playground, city plaza, shopping mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.)

    Power: 110/220V, AC, 200-2000W.

    Plug: Euro plug,British Standard/SAA/C-UL.(depends on standard of your country).


    Production flow chart

    1. Control box:  Independently developed fourth-generation control box.

    2. Mechanical Frame:  Stainless steel and brushless motors have been used to make dinosaurs for many years. Each dinosaur's mechanical frame will be continuously and operationally tested for a minimum of 24 hours before the modelling process begins.

    3. Modelling: High density foam ensures the model looks and feels of the highest quality.

    4. Carving: Professional carving masters have more than 10 years of experience. They create the perfect dinosaur body proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeletons and scientific data. Show your visitors what the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods really looked like!

    5. Painting: Painting master can paint dinosaurs according to customer's requirement. Please provide any design

    6. Final Testing: Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping.

    7. Packing : Bubble bags protect dinosaurs from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each dinosaur will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.

    8. Shipping: Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and international multimodal transport.

    9. On-site Installation: We will send engineers to customer's place to install dinosaurs.



    Avatar Monster (CP-23) Overview: Banshee, called Ikran in Na'vi. They have a lizard-like patterned skin and broad, flat wings with translucent septa, a bit like the ancient pterosaurs of the earth, flying by the wing membranes that cover the bones. An adult banshee has a wingspan of up to 12 meters. Banshee's name comes from the Irish legend of the banshee who foretells her death, and her cry is like a tragic whimper. They are social animals and like to live around waterfalls, and sound is an important way for them to communicate. 

    Avatar Monster (CP-24) Overview: The viperwolf, called Nantang by the Na'vi, is a very intelligent land-based predator. The Na'vi revere the viperwolf for their wisdom and solidarity. And the king of viperwolf is huge, with smooth and hairless skin. With six legs and a lean body, they can run at high speed and travel long distances in search of prey. Its green eyes are like daytime at night, and it also has a keen sense of smell, which can detect prey up to 8 kilometers away. The king of viperwolf is the largest carnivore on land. 

    Avatar Monster (CP-25) Overview: Leonopteryx is a fictional top creature in the movie Avatar, and whoever can tame it can become the leader.Leonopteryx is similar in appearance to the banshee, a close relative of the banshee, but twice as large as the banshee, with a wingspan of more than 25 meters. It is covered with red, yellow, and black stripes all over its body, and its dark blue crown is extremely sharp, which can be used to damage and disembowel its prey. Leonopteryx's dazzling appearance is showing its identity as Pandora's number one aerial predator.

    Avatar Monster (CP-26) Overview: Direhorse is a fictional animal from the classic movie Avatar. The direhorse is similar to the horse on the earth, but it is one-third larger than the largest horse breed on the earth. They stand and run on six legs, hairless and striped, covered in a pliable carbon-fiber armor from the back of their heads and along their necks. An adult direhorse is more than 4.25 meters long and 4 meters high, and the maximum speed when running can reach 95 kilometers per hour. 

    Avatar Monster (CP-27)
    Model: CP-27
    Color: Any color is available.
    Size: From 1m to 60 m long,other size is also available.
    Payment: Credit Card,L/C,T/T,Western Union.
    Min.Order Quantity:  1 Set.
    Lead time: 20-45 days or depends on order quantity after payment.

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